The Ancient Liquor

Looking at my kids enjoying their tea with me, tea does feel ancient for sure. 

As far as I can remember I have been having tea. Small play cups turned into serious big cups quite swiftly. But the content and the context association remains the same; only better with time like the fine red wine.  Tea is art; intertwined and uninterrupted. 

Beyond our imagination and etiquette, tea remains one constant drink in our civilization. As a popular Chinese belief, it got found by accident and it was considered mythical then and in some ways it still is. It gained its popularity as a medicinal herb because of its calming capabilities and eventually with intensive research it started to be revered as a healing antioxidant high on powerful catechins: the disease fighting flavonoids. It is believed that two cups of tea a day, can greatly reduce risk of heart failure and cancer, control cholesterol, and de-stress you with its calming flavonoids which are also supposed to be ten times more in tea than in fruits and vegetables. Tea my friend, is all goodness as I see it in this darn age.

So really what is the point that some of us miss to have tea as a daily beverage? Caffeine content is it? Tea does have caffeine. In fact when dry tea leaves of the same amount are compared to dry coffee beans, tea exceeds coffee in caffeine content. But when the tea and the coffee are brewed, the caffeine in tea drastically reduces within the first few minutes of brewing. This is also as true. It is found that the average caffeine level in a cup of black tea is usually about 40mg versus 105mg in the average cup of drip coffee. Moreover, the high levels of antioxidants found in tea slow the absorption of caffeine while increasing the chemical content to prolong the alertness that then fades eventually but does not end in a sudden dip of energy levels. This is also the simple reason why many tea lovers get a sound sleep after having tea. They are alert for a while and then it settles by calming the body into a state of perfect rest. 

It is as we know now, with years of sustenance, second to water as a beverage in many Asian countries for a reason. And I hope it will soon take over the Coke loving nation as well! 

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