The T.E.A. Cult

I am a sucker for romancing with tea. By that I really mean I wake, talk, party and sleep tea! And I am not the only one.

Tea is a cult. An addiction of sorts that values cherished times, good health and perfection in palette. Knowing this it seems easy to gauge why it is gaining such rapid popularity in the coffee loving parts of the world. However, it is not just these reasons that attribute tea to the top of the charts among casual and fetish drink lovers. Tea is associated with many like-able and health conscious facts that contribute to its constant likeness. 

I don't plan to write line after line in praising teas as the cloud of floating library has all that you seek in terms of knowledge; although I would still secretly like to, but my aim here is rather uncomplicated. I only want to sensibly convey the crux of the tea-matter, because tea does matter! 

Tea by nature is RADical. It has such powerful health effects that in many ways it drastically improves your time, esthetic and appeal in life.

The darkest of the tea is still incomparably low in caffeine levels. It is high in polyphenols (antioxidants) and phytochemicals. The way these two tea contents rock our mind and body is as close to phenomenal as anything can be. A true healer and an antidote that serves us without hesitation or disorder is a marvel.

About time it's burning the charts! Cheers to the t.e.a.

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