Anything that inspires is design. Simple things from the past: a sense of time or a place, a smell that reminds us of something or somebody, that leaves us in a reverie of emotions that cannot be expressed but are felt strongly enough to elevate us to another plane. It is all design. Inspiration is everywhere and in everything. And perhaps this is what defines our existence and our approach towards living.

As random as these thoughts may seem, we are all constructed from randomness and happenstance.

From a cup of tea shared with family and friends - the laughter we share with them that echoes in our hearts and makes us smile throughout the struggles of the day - to the sound of the cooing child that somehow reminds us of the birds in the jungle when we walked hand in hand. Our lives are created from these infinitesimally small moments; the first beer, the late nights turning into mornings, the goodbye kisses or the meetings: these are the things that we keep with us for life. These are the things that truly matter.

With these emotions and to the new ones that you create along the way, we at Random Nest welcome you to UNWALL: the Life, Tea and Art Blog. Here you will find words of conviction born from the experiences of lives lived greatly. Life is too short for anything ordinary.

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Got Teattitude?

I travelled to India this winter. Kolkata in the West of Bengal is considered a prominent tea hub as it pioneers as the tea auction ground for all

Knowing Your Tea Color

Categorizing tea by property and manufacturing process has almost been nailed by the tea makers and the connoisseurs.

The Ancient Liquor

Looking at my kids enjoying their tea with me, tea does feel ancient for sure. 

The T.E.A. Cult

I am a sucker for romancing with tea. By that I really mean I wake, talk, party and sleep tea! And I am not the only one. Tea is a cult. An addicti