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Art Wall on Random Nest 

Sell art with heart 

If you are an artist and would like to support a cause, please contactus@randomnest.co

1. If you agree with our philosophy, submit your artwork for review.
2. Give us a week to respond back to you.
3. When you receive a confirmation from us, create your login and password.
4. Upload your artwork with all details. We only accept high quality images.
5. We will market you on our art wall.
6. When your art work is sold, you will be notified via email. It is your responsibility to fulfill the order and make the shipment within 72 hours of purchase made. For courier specification please read the details below.
7. You will receive the payment within 7 working days after the order is completed (Received by the buyer.)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Register and Use 

How do I register as an artist with Random Nest?

Send us an email at contactus@randomnest.co with your basic details – your passion statement - what drives you along with three sample images. We will evaluate your work and then decide whether to partner with you. After receiving your information, we will respond back within a week.

What is the criteria for acceptance?

We like artists who are original in their approach and like playing freely. We look at detail, technique, vision and art that speaks to the audience. As we are giving back 21% of the sale price to Going to School Foundation in India, we only want you to contact us if you agree with our philosophy. Random nest will be charging 7% for maintenance of your account with us. The remaining 72% will go to the artist.

Can artists outside of USA register?

Yes. Everyone can apply. Art wall at Random Nest is a platform to encourage creativity and showcase the talent to a larger audience. If a sale is made, the money will be credited to your bank account in your currency (prevalent at the current rate). Random Nest will charge conversion fee if it is applied by the bank.

If I register with Random Nest, may I also register elsewhere?

Yes, you can. We only ask that you immediately update on Random Nest if a sale is made elsewhere and take off the image from our website. Also, your pricing must be similar across all your places of sale. We do not want to confuse the buyer at all. We believe in respecting everybody’s time.

How many works can I upload?

We encourage you to upload a minimum of three pieces of your work. More is always better as it gives the user more choices.

Who should I contact with questions?

We are here for you 24/7. Please email support at contactus@randomnest.co. We will do everything to help you.

Where is Random Nest based? May I visit your office?

We are based in San Diego, CA USA. If you are in town, we would love to meet you.

Pricing and Promotion 

How do you market my art?

We promote Art wall in many ways. We believe in growing organically through social media marketing. We post constant updates on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and google +. We also reach our local community through various local art programs that are held in San Diego county.

How should I set the prices for my work?

We believe the best way to set the price for your art work is by doing some research on similar art work styles, sizes and medium. You should clearly make a distinction in your search for original art work versus print copies. If you are selling a print, please do account for size of print, paper you choose for printing and the printing technique used. You should also account for the cost of material and labor before you set the price. Random Nest will be charging 7% for maintaining your account. You can account for it before you set your price.

What happens if a work is not sold for a long time?

If your art does not sell for more than 4 months, we recommend you remove it and update it with new artwork.

How will I be informed of the sale of my work?

You will be notified if a sale is made via email. We recommend you give us two email addresses and a phone number for you to keep in our record. in case we do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we will contact on alternate address and via phone.


When will I get payments for my work?

You will receive your payment within 7 working days of the buyer confirming that he/she has received the artwork. These payments will be made into your registered bank account via Paypal from Random Nest. If anything changes with your bank account, it is your responsibility to notify us in advance.

What happens to the payment that I have received from Random Nest, if the art work is returned by the buyer?

If the artwork is returned by the buyer, we will notify you immediately. We will refund full money to the buyer and adjust that refund amount with you in the next sale.

Photographing and Uploading 

How do I photograph my work?

We encourage you to get all your art work professionally shot if possible. The photograph you upload of your artwork is what clients see of you and your art. These images should clearly speak to the buyer.

If you are taking the photographs yourself, kindly follow these basic guidelines:

1. Keep the camera parallel to your art work when shooting.
2. There should be enough light in the room where you shoot.
3. If you edit the photograph, keep it as close as possible to the original.
4. The image size should stay within the boundaries of our requirement as mentioned here:
   Square Image: 1080 X 1080 pixel
   Vertical Image: 1080 X 1350 pixel
   Horizontal Image: 1080 X 566 pixel
   Minimum resolution: 720X720
   Maximum Size: 2 mb

How do I upload my work?

You need to create an account with Random Nest. After which you can go into My Art section and upload your artwork with details in it.

Please follow our guidelines below to upload your artwork:

1. Each artwork must have its unique name and SKU number.
2. SKU number must be in this format: Last name of artist-name of art work (first five letters only)-type of artwork-sequence number Example: Brigs-Where-Watercolor-012
3. Choose image file to upload.
4. Fill in inventory details.
5. Add art description.

Can I upload multiple images of my artwork?

Yes. You can upload multiple images of the same art work if you like to show details to the buyer. When you upload art A, it will ask you to choose file. After which you can add multiple shots of the image again by clicking on choose file as many times as you need. And mark the image you want as the main image to display on the screen.

Can I sell art prints in different sizes?

This feature is not available now. We are however working on implementing it and will notify all artists as soon as it is enabled.

Packing and Couriering 

Who has to courier the work to the buyer?

It is artist’s responsibility to package and courier the art work to the buyer.

How should I pack my art work?

Artwork must be packed professionally to ensure that it reaches the client in good condition. Good packing also reduces the risk of damage and confusion.

1. Kindly research online to learn what is the best way to pack your respective artwork.
2. Paintings must be completely dry before you begin packing.
3. If you use tube roll for your art, kindly seal it from both ends properly to prevent from moisture.
4. We recommend that you have these items with you if you are packing it yourself:
   1. Glassine Paper or Butter Paper
   2. Bubble Wrap or Thermocol
   3. Packing tape
   4. Masking tape
   5. Tube roll or cardboard boxes

Which courier should I use?

We do not have any direct reference to which courier service you should use. We only suggest that you use a reliable courier service to send your work out as it is critical that the client receive the artwork in good condition and in time.

How do I notify Random Nest after I courier my artwork to the buyer?

When you courier the artwork, email us the details of the courier along with a tracking number. We will update it on the site.

What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?

If the buyers claim that an artwork was damaged in transit, we expect to contact us within 24 hour of receiving the artwork. In this case, we will arrange for the return of the artwork to you, as well as a full refund to the buyer.