Tanmay Zargar

Artist Speaks

I have been drawn to the arts from a young age. As a child, I trained formally in art, mainly sketching and painting free-form figures and still-life, but soon broke away from that to a form of art that I enjoyed most - impressionism. As I grew older, my father introduced me to the works of the famous impressionists of the 19th century - Renoir, Monet, Degas and the like. While I didn't choose the same medium (oil/acrylic), I certainly drew inspiration from their works.
My artwork is along the lines of contemporary figurative hyper realistic art. My medium is graphite and charcoal on hand-made paper. I have studied the facial form and expression of the modern woman closely and I try to capture that to the best of my ability. The lack of color in my artwork basically discloses my bias for high contrast art, some of which is visually very stark and even jarring. It is however, my best form of self-expression.

Medium Of Expression
Graphite and charcoal on hand made paper.

Everything around me.


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